Monday, February 20, 2017

Hello again!

Dear Reader,

it's been a while since my last blogpost.... a long while. I had a lot of Christmas knitting to do for friends and family and the one or other piece for myself, containing this beautiful cardigan by the wonderful rililie

The pattern is called BlueSand Cardigan and I made a Hogwarts version by picking Hogwarts House colours for mine. I used the wonderful Wollmeise DK for this cardi, wonderful smooth Merino, great great colours. It gets a constant wear since finishing, I really love it.
If you checked out my project page on Ravelry, you'll probably recognised, that I've knitted lots of beanies, mittens and shawls with the word "Baltic" in their project titles. That's because I've spent a lot of time for creating, knitting, writing and testing a bunch of patterns the last few months, which are ready now and combined under the name The Baltic Collection
Here is what this little ebook looks like:

The Baltic Collection consists of a shawl pattern, a slouch hat pattern in 5 and a fingerless mittens pattern in 3 sizes. Here is what they look like. 
First: Baltic Shawl pattern in three different colour combinations. I called them Baltic sky, Baltic fire and Baltic sea (you may have discovered a 'cat on fire' on the second picture. ;-) that's my cat Loki).

As all three designs feature the same prominent mosaic pattern, they are obviously inspired by the same source: my trip to the Baltic States last year. I adored the light up there in the north, the vast woodlands, the seaside, the sugard almonds, the medieval townhouses, the people and patterns and colours for garments they have chosen for their famous knitted fabrics. The Baltic Shawl features a slipstitch pattern in two colours (mosaic), garterstitch and German shortrows. There's no single purlstitch in this pattern, which made it a fast knit although the finished fabric is huge.

Second: Baltic Slouch pattern, using the same mosaic pattern as for the shawl, but no shortrows or garterstitch, but twisted ribbing. Sizes from toddler to large adult are available for this pattern. Here are a few examples, using Holst Garn Supersoft held double for MC and Lana Grossa Silkhair held double for CC.

Third: Baltic Mittens pattern. I designed three sizes, S, M and L. The mittens pattern too features the mosaic pattern and twisted ribbing and same yarns (held double) as the slouch. Samples look like this:

If you want to wrap yourself in Baltic stars, get the whole Baltic Collection HERE! If you just want to knit one of the patterns, you can purchase each pattern separately by clicking on the links on the right. Enjoy and dream of Baltic days!
Happy knitting!