Friday, September 30, 2016

Tallinn & Green Gables

Dear Reader,

I have been away for a few days. A short trip to Tallinn, Estonia. And it was G R E A T !
The North is always special for me and the mix of scandinavian and russian influences/flair, the wonderful medieval old town of Tallinn and the Baltic Sea really are all breathtaking beautiful. If you have the chance, visit Tallinn!
Old Town of Tallinn and Baltic Sea

These cute dolls - dressed in beautiful estonian knitted
garments - stood at the entrances of souvenir shops
Like Miss Estonia Doll up there, another wonderful girl has red hair, the girl of a book (or better a series of books) I adored as a little girl and had a big influence on me: Anne of Green Gables (and the sequels) by Lucy Maud Montgomery.


Oh did I adore this feisty girl with her constant daydreaming, love for books, unorthodox behaviour and adoration for art and beauty. She was - in Anne's words - a "kindred spirit". I loved this girl and do so till today.
The house Anne is growing up in, after Marilla and Matthew adopting her, seams like a main character itself. Green Gables, the old wooden house of the stories, is Anne's true home.

When I came up with the idea to design a small collection of knitting patterns in respect of great works of children's literature, there was no possible way for me to leave out Anne of Green Gables. And it soon became clear to me, that there had to be a tribute to Green Gables and to Anne's despised red hair.
This is, what all those thoughts and ideas finally became: The Green Gables Bag

This little (but big enought to carry a book) bag is knit with bulky weight yarn, features a cable handle (to reach your hips or make a shorter one for children) and tassels that should resemble Anne's red braids. I tried to immitate the Green Gables House of Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, Canada for the front of the bag (but used other colours). The back is knit in seed stitch, using two colours. 
I really loved the process of creating the chart for the front, because with every row I draw, Green Gables came to life.

For my first version I used Malabrigo Yarn Chunky (blue version), for my second one Istex Alafoss Lopi (grey version). I braided the tassels of the second version, just for fun. I think this looks nice too. Both yarns are a real pleasure to work with. The Malabrigo Chunky is amazingly soft and can be bought in a range of vivid colours, the Alafoss Lopi has a wonderful hairy, texture and offers a more natural colour palette. It is a matter of taste which yarn to choose, because I can recommend both yarns equally for this pattern. 
I must admit, I love them both. These bags are my little Anne of Green Gables - tribute to the world and that makes me smile. 
Interested in making one yourself? Here is the pattern for download.

Happy knitting,

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