Saturday, September 17, 2016


Dear Reader,

today it's raining and foggy outside...just very uncomfortable weather and I fear summer is almost over. I do like autumn, but I will miss the sunny, warm days outside and I dread the foggy, cold windy days that are likely to come.
To brighten this unfriendly day, I will show you another design of my children's literature pattern collection. 
Here is PIPPI!

It's a colourful tote-bag, using Malabrigo Yarn Chunky and 6mm/US 10 needles, what makes a quick knit. Using slipped stitches (you may have found out by now, that I LOVE working mosaic...), it's an easy, but varied knit, because of the colour changes.

The tote can be worn on both sides. The outside looks a bit more sober, the inside saucier.

inside out
"right" side
For the handles I used all four colours equally, making I-Cords. They are pretty and stable enough to carry some books for instance.

I named the tote-bag after Pippi Longstocking (Langstrumpf in German), because it's so colourful, witty - with fringes on one side-  and strong enough for carrying big books. 
Pippi Longstocking is the heroine of Astrid Lindgren's equally named books, super strong, unconventional, always making fun of adults and a good friend for Tommy and Annika (the neighbour's children). 
My niece loves her as I did, when I was a child. She loves, when somebody reads the books to her and is giggling from time to time and wants peculiar hilarious passages to be read again and again. Pippi is a wonderful friend for children and a really strong - in all different ways - girl. When the whole family sat around a table, listening to Pippi's adventures and speeches and was laughing heartily, adults and child alike, I really thought to myself: These books never grow old (- The first book of Pippi's adventures was published in 1945!). Pippi Longstocking really is a classic.

Maybe you need a tote to carry your edition of Pippi Longstocking (or any other book or item) around, maybe you have these wonderful chunky yarn leftovers in your stash.... Whatever reason, if you want to make a Pippi - tote for yourself (or a friend, a relative, etc...), HERE you'll get the pattern!

Happy knitting!

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