Thursday, September 01, 2016


Dear Reader,

today is the 37th anniversary of the publication of The Neverending Story by Michael Ende. As a child, this was one of my first books I owned to read for myself. I read it about 10 times, naturally fell in love with Atreyu, cried with him over the death of his horse Artax, feared Gmork and The Nothing. My greatest wish at that time was to get an AURYN (a talisman, given to Atreyu by the Childlike Empress, which protects him from all harm) for my birthday or christmas. But back then, the merchandising was not at all that big as it is nowadays. So, no AURYN for me, but I managed to get a luckdragon-shawl by inventing one.
I've made a pattern inspired by one of the most popular characters of the book, the luckdragon Falkor (Fuchur in German), a few months ago. Testing is now finished, so this day seems perfect for the publication of the pattern. 

It's a (rather wide) shawlette, featuring different garter stitch, seed stitch and slipped stitches sections, worked in two colours from left to right. The shape is built by decreases/increases and German short rows. If you are unfamiliar with German short rows, here is a wonderful Tutorial by Asa Tricosa!

The dragon Falkor has a silvery, light purple-rose skin and hair and I tried to immitate that by choosing the silver pure silk yarn from Dibadu (Dibadu Funnies Etudes Seda Grande - Moonmilkshake) as my MC and the purple-pink Zauberball yarn (Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball - Brombeere) as CC. I really like how the colours respond to each other.

I tried to emulate the different skin surfaces of the dragon by changing stitch patterns, so this shawl consists of several sections in alternating garter stitch, seed stitch and slipped stitches segments. 
Slipped stitches are a wonderful opportunity to avoid knitting with two colours at a time. It's either the MC-yarn or the CC-yarn you use for two rows. I really love this technique. 
Generally the shawlette is departed in a garter stitch/slipped stitches-section and a seed stitch/slipped stitches-section and I wanted the CC highlighted, so I tried to really use it scatteredly, but in eye-catching shapes and patterns.

For the border I decided to BO in steps, to make a dragonridge-like edge. The whole section is knitted in MC (maybe you should listen to an audiobook or watch a movie while knitting the border, because it takes a little longer to knit than the rest of the shawl... maybe "The Neverending Story"?;-))

I am really pleased with this little shawl. It is superlight, shimmers silvery because of the silky yarn I used and has wonderful beaming Zauberball-highlights in it. It is fun to knit, because of the different stitch patterns and colourchanges and drapes very scarf-like around your neck. 
If you want to make yourself a knitted shawl-dragon, HERE you are!

Happy knitting to everyone!

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