Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Thank you

Dear Reader,

my Edema Ruh - pattern recently went somewhat famous, because the great Kate Davies wrote about ten amazing knitter's projects on her blog and featured Helen's wonderful version of my pattern. I got wonderful feedback from other knitters who loved the project and liked my pattern. I am really proud and thankful for this. Thank you to all of you lovely knitters, to Helen, who made a wonderful job with her shawl and last, but not least, to Kate Davies, who spread the word. This last two weeks have been incredible comforting.

I am so proud of my baby...

Although I neglected my blog over the last few months, I didn't stop knitting and designing. I have designed a bunch of patterns, which I will publish gradually. All of these designs have one thing in common: They are all inspired by some wonderful children's/young adult books I really love. Some friends have said, my eyes always begin to sparkle, when I talk about books I admire. I think the reason for this is, that - in my opinion - there are no more wonderful sources of wisdom, happiness and comfort than in the written word. The characters you get to know while reading a book are sometimes wonderful role models, sometimes they also teach you how to don't act in a specific situation. Sometimes they inspire you, sometimes they make you feel understood and not so lonely in the world, sometimes they are beeing despised by you and teach you, how you definitely don't want to become. And these characters are - for me, in the best of books - on such wonderful, fabulous adventures, which expand the world, the mind and the spirit and are such a contrast to everybody's daily routine, that you start to think, what possibilities a life really offers apart from your daily habits. Especially children's literature is a constant well of inspiration for me.

In my next blogpost I will tell you a little bit about the pattern I recently published on
Ravelry . It is called Nils Holgersson. ;-)

Beanies in Sizes S (yellow), M (red) and L (blue)

Lots of love and happy knitting to you all!

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