Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Yarnhome - do it yourself

Dear Reader,

last summer I decided to give my yarnstash a new home.
I ordered some wooden boxes. They were made of smoked wood and really beautiful, but I wanted the yarn to be "safe" from possible sootleftovers or splinters.
Because I left my former home to a new one, I decided to sacrifice my old curtains for a boxlining.

So I had four wooden boxes.... old curtains

and a stapler.

I took measurements and made myself a really odd looking template, fixed this with needles on the fabric and cut my former curtains along the edges of the template. The stapler did the rest.

It was a really fun and rewarding project and I love the outcome.
Look for yourself.

Now my yarn is stashed in four boxes, organized in different yarn-weights. 
Here is my lace- & light-fingering & fingering-weight-yarn-box.

A have one box for sport- & dk-weight-yarn, one for worsted- and aran-weight-yarn and one for bulky- & superbulky-weight-yarn.
And the boxes are perfect for piling. 

But the best of all: I brought my (from my granny inherited) curtains to my new home, used in a totally different way than before. New beginnings, new challenges, but old friends. 

Happy knitting!

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