Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Yarnhome - do it yourself

Dear Reader,

last summer I decided to give my yarnstash a new home.
I ordered some wooden boxes. They were made of smoked wood and really beautiful, but I wanted the yarn to be "safe" from possible sootleftovers or splinters.
Because I left my former home to a new one, I decided to sacrifice my old curtains for a boxlining.

So I had four wooden boxes.... old curtains

and a stapler.

I took measurements and made myself a really odd looking template, fixed this with needles on the fabric and cut my former curtains along the edges of the template. The stapler did the rest.

It was a really fun and rewarding project and I love the outcome.
Look for yourself.

Now my yarn is stashed in four boxes, organized in different yarn-weights. 
Here is my lace- & light-fingering & fingering-weight-yarn-box.

A have one box for sport- & dk-weight-yarn, one for worsted- and aran-weight-yarn and one for bulky- & superbulky-weight-yarn.
And the boxes are perfect for piling. 

But the best of all: I brought my (from my granny inherited) curtains to my new home, used in a totally different way than before. New beginnings, new challenges, but old friends. 

Happy knitting!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Variety is the spice of life

Dear Reader,

it's snowing outside!
WHAT???? Yes, indeed.

We had some wonderful springdays the last couple of weeks with a strange mix of sunny-rainy days in between. But today, it's snowing! It's almost end of April and that's what it's like up here in the north of Austria: It's snowing. And the funny thing is, there's sun too, right behind the snowclouds somewhere up in the sky and you can watch it shine in between snowstorms. April is just unbelievable unpredictable. But tell you what: I love it.

Cold, snowy or rainy days are good excuses for knitting inside, being snuggled down in a blanket on the couch or on a chair in front of the oven. Sunny days are wonderful opportunities for knitting outside and enjoying fresh air, getting the first tan and hearing the birds sing. So April is the perfect month for people who like variety and a variation of knitting-locations. And I am such a person. I really enjoy shifting my knitting-locations spontaneously and I love variety in general.

A couple of months ago I've designed a shawl called "The Colours of the Wind", using a light-fingering-weight-yarn, consisting of pure silk, in 11 different  colours.
Because I'm a fan of variation, I've decided to knit a fingering-weight-yarn version, using only 3 colours and made of pure wool. The yarn of my choice was Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball, A yarn I really love working with and have already used in a lot of different projects.
I didn't change the pattern, I only modified the colour-instructions: Regarding wing-sections, I used "Schokocreme" for all even numbered mentions of colour  and "Grashalm" for all odd numbered mentions. I used "Gebrannte Mandeln" as my third colour for the centrepiece.

And this is how "The Colours of the Wind" looks in Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball.

I really love how this shawl turned out. So maybe you will knit one too using Zauberball-yarn? I would be so excited to see your versions!! Pattern is up HERE.

Happy Knitting and varied days of April to you all!