Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Edema Ruh and Gyptian

Dear Reader,

a few weeks ago I published a new design on ravelry, but didn't find the time to write about it until today. For all of you, who haven't seen it. Here it is: EDEMA RUH !

It is a rather big shawl with (optional) fringes, containing a little bit of colourwork, stripes, slipped stitches, stockinette and garter stitch. It's a good colourwork project for beginners, because of the small gaps between the changing of colours. 
This shawl is named after the "Edema Ruh", a travelling folk of artists prominently mentionend in "The Kingkiller Chronicle" of Patrick Rothfuss, which I adore and strongly recommend reading for those of you who haven't. The Edema Ruh are reminiscent of the Roma/Sinti of this world, so I imagined they would use a lot of colours and different stitch patterns for their garments. As you can see on the pics below, I tried to incorporate both features. 

I used 7 different colours and repeated/adapted 4 pattern sections alternating the colours. I thought the Edema Ruh would choose a down to earth yarn with natural colours and warmth, so I used the wonderful and almost brandnew Buachaille yarn of Kate Davies Designs. It's  made of pure scottish sheepwool, is extremely sturdy, nevertheless smooth and available in wonderful nature-like colours. 

In the meantime I made a second, sparklier version using lighter sport weight yarns: Dibadu's Curly Silk and Manos del Uruquay's Serena. Because the shawl has become a different character by changing the yarn, I called this project Gyptian. For those of you who have read Philip Pullman's "His dark materials"- trilogy, it's obvious why (- For those of you who haven't: READ IT!). The Gyptians are sort of the Edema Ruh or Roma/Sinti in Pullman's world. I always imagined them a bit "fancier" than the Edema Ruh, so I think the yarnchoice matches with that. 

If you like my bookish Gypsy-shawl, buy and download the pattern HERE!
I would be honoured to see your versions!

Happy knitting and let there be spring!