Wednesday, February 03, 2016

I'M BACK!.... with all the colours of the wind...

Dear Reader,

after a shockingly long time away from this blog, I am back now. And I don't come back empty-handed. During the last few months I had to cope with a lot of changes in my life. I lost a very dear person to cancer, I quit my job and moved from the city back to the countryside, where I grew up. I moved in with my partner in crime and renovated (not quite finished yet...) our new home and settled down. And I love it. But it's been quite a year this one.
I started Nena Kokopelli Designs one day before my wonderful, incomparable cousin died and it was him, who encouraged me in keeping designing knitwear and moving back to the countryside and I am thankful for his advice, because it has totally changed my life.

I've designed three more knitwear designs the last six months (and I've knitted quite a lot of gorgeous pieces from other designers, but that's for another blog entry...).
The first of the three is published today.
May I introduce to you: The Colours of the Wind

It's a triangle shawl made of three pieces crafted together after blocking. The playful part of this design is, that it consists of 11 different colours, a lot of stripes and a lot of nupps. Each piece could be a triangle shawl itself, so if you get tired in between, just stop and knit something else in the meantime or do the nupp-piece in between. The part of crafting it together sounds a bit boring, but in fact, it isn't. Each piece has edges containing eyelets and this makes crafting easy-peasy.
I used Dibadu's Funnies Etudes Seda Grande and Seda Fina (held double) for this shawl. But you can use any Light Fingering Weight or Fingering Weight Yarn from your stash. The more leftovers, the better. The Yarn I used is made of silk, which isn't obligate, but creates a beautiful drape.

This pattern is for sale via ravelry. If you're a member: GREAT! If not, no problem. You can purchase it without being one. It contains written instructions, a photo-tutorial how to craft the pieces together and information regarding needed materials, yarn, gauge and measurements.

I really enjoyed designing this and I hope you will enjoy it equally while clapping with your needles!

See you soon!

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