Thursday, May 21, 2015

Triwizard Tournament

Dear Reader,

I'm a huge Harry Potter fan. I used to read the books with my best friend always starting on the first day they were published. We made up theories, how it all would end and who really was finally a villain or not and scribbled these ideas into a notebook. It was fun. I will never forget this time.
The first day I saw a Harry-Potter-movie, I wanted to have a housescarf. So I made myself a Gryffindor scarf.
A few months ago I had an idea about a cowl in housescarf colours, but because I couldn't decide on the equally striped or not equally striped version, I decided to do both. I also wanted to design a practical version regarding stash: two balls of yarn, totally used up. So I decided to add a mirrored version of the not equally striped scarf. And that's how the Triwizard Tournament Cowl was born.

Because I'm a member of Ravenclaw house at pottermore I made myself a "Rowena". You can also knit yourself a Godric (Gryffindor), a Helga (Hufflepuff) or a Salazar (Slytherin). Or if you are not into Harry Potter, just choose your favorite colours and start knitting. It's easy (stockinette stitch), beautiful on both sides (because of knitting in the round) and fun (stripes!).
I'm looking forward to see many colourful versions around your necks!
Start by downloading the pattern HERE. It's free!!!

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